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Mary Ann
13 January
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I walk around with my Jackie Kennedy sunglasses like an asshole. I fell asleep during Scarface. I know that would be considered sacrilegious to most, but hey, there's only so much coke snorting and head blasting you can take. Ferris was right in saying that a person shouldn't believe in an "-ism," so I don't. I'm confident in everything I do and it probably comes off as arrogance. Oh, who am I kidding, I can be arrogant as all hell. I hate feet and Nicholas Spark to the nth degree. I don't consider myself either deep or shallow. I like giving my two cents when the subject needs it and that's pretty much all the time. My vices consist of Ben and Jerry's Mint Cookie Ice Cream, gossip magazines, shit talking, cockteasing, and smoking. I'm quitting the smoking though. I AM THIS TIME! I'm the happiest when I'm with my girlfriends because we're awesome. I wish I can shop everyday. My prized possesion is my Marc Jacobs clutch. I have an attitude like Samantha Jones. I'm a sucker for a deep bassline, loud crashing drums, and guitar riffs that take you to outer space. I love rockabilly. I like a man who can take control once in awhile, then I go in for the kill. Oh yeah, and vampire bites don't hurt.