Mary Ann (sometimescruel) wrote,
Mary Ann

People in your life are seasons...

I laughed until I couldn't breathe with Aubrey. I called Kelley "Amish" and questioned her on the contents of her backpack. I accepted my insanity with Camille. I freaked out at Stephanie's foot. I watched the BBC with Adrienne. I was the muse in Sean's life. I gave Jon-Erik a hard time. I was a little sister to Vinh. I wanted to punch Cherry in the face (yes, I said it.) I was protective of my little female role in HM. I stayed at Jenivee's house until 5 o'clock in the morning. I fought with Alex, forgave Alex, drank with Alex, shared with Alex, and caused trouble with Alex. I drove out to Vallejo to hangout with Jason and Nana...and laugh at Alfred. I thought Juan was sexy. I was a Philtered Soul groupie. I went everywhere with Robbie. I had a crush on Paul, then Jay...and they're cousins.
I will crawl in Arlene's bed and ask her to spoon me. I make fun of Dennis for being an e-tard. I laugh until I can't breathe with Dave (COOTIES IS A EUPHEMISM FOR AIDS!) I realized that the 2nd year is when everything just spills out, right Elizon? I love Bernardo for being exquistely gorgeous. I rip new assholes and sing Weezer songs with Mutasim. I'm very protective of my role in 4directions. I don't drink as much as I used to. I quit smoking cigarettes for the 8th time. I work in Satan's asshole. I want to punch Michael in the taint (yes, I said it.) I will have a panic attack if I were ever to see Patrick again. I will try to find the middleground of my past and present.
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