Mary Ann (sometimescruel) wrote,
Mary Ann

The Core

sushigrl04: my friend found out how to say "bitch, where's my money" in like 8 languages
sushigrl04: *bitch, wheres mah money?!!
-german: schlampa, von ist mein geld?!!
-cantonese: batpo, nah dee chien hai bean doh?!!
-spanish: puta, adonde esta mi dinero?!!
-farsi: jendeh, poolam kojast?!!
-korean: shekki ya, nah dohn udeesuh?!!
-kannada: bhosdi, nanna dhudu yel idu?!!
-portugese: puta, onde esta o meu dinheiro?!!
-swedish: slynan, var är mina pengar?!!
-italian: brutta, dovo sono i miei soldi?!!
-french: salope, où est mon argent?!!
illshowyoupearls: puta, sa'an ang pera ko?

It's still good to know that we're the still goddamn same after not seeing each other...for a very long time.
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