Mary Ann (sometimescruel) wrote,
Mary Ann

The Stagnance of the American Rebel

The American rebel wants change in our nation. The rebel seeks to expose the darkside of our government to the rest of the world. The rebel calls for anarchy, revolution, and the denouncement of capitalism. Okay?

The rebel does not understand, as he sips on his Starbucks latte, that he is an important piece in our capitalist grid. If you hate money and don't plan on climbing up the proverbial ladder of success, keep preaching, chief. Read More's Utopia for ideas. And while it is a terrible thing that our nation has exploited other countries for their goods, I don't see many of you buying goods that aren't made in China, Morocco, Taiwan. I've accepted the fact that I am a VERY important part of this working grid. You know why? I LIKE MONEY! I LIKE KNOWING THAT I HAVE THE POSSIBILITY OF GETTING THE GOODS OUT THERE FOR CHEAP! Yes, I said it. The rebel hates Bush, but didn't vote. I really believe someone (of age) who did not vote has a right to criticize the candidates. You could have made a difference then...
The rebel is always left-wing, but if you ask if he's a communist, he looks at you with complete shock and disgust.
I envoke J.S Mill - "truth is the middleground to two opposing argument." A brilliant man accepts his own ignorance and seeks to gain a collective understanding of the truths of others. Challenges are a way to a deeper meaning of truths. In order to fully know a "truth", we must know all sides, accept opposing opinions, and answer it. In other words, don't accept one's truth as factual aka Michael whore Moore.

don't ever call me uneducated.
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