Mary Ann (sometimescruel) wrote,
Mary Ann

and I will always think fondly of him as...

I hate being patronized for being so young. I know that experience is correlated with age, but that is no justification for me to be treated like a child. The most insincere people sugarcoat their truths to me in hopes that it won't hurt as much. I'm 19, not 9, I get it. I may not have been through everything that you've gone through, but that doesn't make me naive. So you don't want to look like a bad guy with your attempts at calling me wonderful, intelligent, etc. Could we not use the filler words, please? God, I wanted to throw up on your bullshit. You know what gives the icing on this humiliating cake? You could have been a man and faced up to me. There are other ways of giving the boot to someone and IT DOES NOT INCLUDE MYSPACE! Hiding behind an email only makes you a pussy in my eyes. Whatever, you wouldn't have served any useful purpose in my life. You were just a filler - no meaning, no life, boring and cliched.

And it will take me this to long to get over it as long as it took him to write that letter:
Okay, I'm done, I'm changing my hair.
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